Quality and quantity claims for the supplied flowers are accepted within 24 hours upon receipt of them by the client. Complaints sent after the specified of period time will not be considered.

Properly rectified claim should contain:

1. Photos that fully reflect the problem
- If the problem is with the length of the stem or bud size please send a photo with a ruler;

- The problem of shortage - photos of all boxes on one picture accompanied by a document from your transport company confirming the number of boxes you received;
- Quality problem - a clear picture of the bunches of poor quality flowers as well as photos of all the flowers of inadequate quality (on one photo).
2. Picture of the box with AWB sticker.
3. Picture of the box with the farm sticker with your box mark.


Please pay attention!
Our company is not responsible for any quality/quantity issues which arise in the course of transportation from the Netherlands. We deliver flowers to Amsterdam and provide all the necessary information to IP Handlers for uploading of your cargo to the right truck.


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